Thanks to Dubai Police, the little kitty rescued from a tunnel on Sheikh Zayed Road

22 September 2020

Today marks almost a week since the day that I rescued the little kitten from the tunnel and I thought that this happy & positive story is a must share in our blog. 

Another busy day, leaving office late as usual, and while driving on my way back home, my eyes caught a little kitty sitting on the left side in the tunnel on Sheikh Zayed Road close to the new museum. In seconds, I forgot all my to do list and was of all the sudden lost between returning back immediately and thinking if I picked the kitty up am I ready for another one joining the family now? Will I be able to find a forever home who will never let him down? 

As a kitty lover, I knew my life won't be the same if I ignored the frightened kitten, I will blame myself for not doing anything and then, the little voice in my head didn't stop repeating Go Back. I tried twice to see if there is any way to stop, one time I was able to slow down, open my window and look into the kitty's eyes and he was very scared the poor little one. While I was driving around the area, I decided to approach a police car that was there on SZR for a car accident. The police officer was very helpful when I told him about the kitten, he called his colleagues and asked me to call the police number and Dubai Civil Defense to come to the location. 

Dubai Police reached for help in less than 10 minutes, they asked me to try and catch the kitten quickly while their police cars blocked the entrance to the tunnel. I was praying that the kitten will not escape when I stop my car, we all know cats will most likely run when they feel they are in a danger, especially when a kitten/ cat is scared and on a highway. Luckily, the kitten was also looking for a happy story, he tried for a second to leave but when he heard me talking to him, he allowed me to pick him up without any resistance! 

A Big thank you goes to Dubai Police for helping that night, it was because of them that I was able to help the small kitten, thank you to Dubai Civil Defense who also showed lot of compassion over the phone when I called for help and they were ready to come to the location but Dubai Police were there just in time.    

The only thing left now is choosing a name for the 4 months old kitten, I have failed to name him until now, probably because I planned before if we ever get another male kitty I will name him either Ragnar (yep someone here likes Vikings but the name doesn’t suit our rescue story or the small tiny kitten) or Dublin (the city has a special place in my heart but don’t think the name Dublin suits a kitty rescued from Dubai’s tunnel).. We are waiting to see if he will get along with the rest of the cats at home but we will go with the flow and see!

Thank you for reading this story, we all need some positivity in 2020!! 

Next Day @ the vet for check-up

Joumana Saoud
Manager & Partner

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You should call the cat “Lucky” because he is

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