The Happy Dolphin Pets VIP Membership was introduced when we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary in February 2019.

The 2 categories, Gold & Silver are selected based on the number of orders the clients placed since 2017 and the total amount spent in our store. More clients are added to the membership on regular basis based on the regularity & number of orders.
If you are one of our VIPs, when you login to your account, you will notice that the logo on top of our page will automatically change to reflect your Gold/ Silver membership. Dolphin the cat will be wearing a gold crown if you are a gold member and a silver crown if you are a silver member.

VIP Silver Benefits:

  • Your pet is VIP now and he must get the chance to try new products launched in the market for free! With each order, we will send your pet something new to try for example treats, food, toys etc..  And we will appreciate your honest feedback on the product we sent: The Pet Tester Program.
  • We have many occasions to celebrate during the year, the package for the VIP Pet is extra special!
  • Delivery Priority – you are a VIP and we will do our best to compile the items in your order and deliver them ASAP (provided all items are available in our stock).
  • What you usually order is not always in stock? Please keep us informed of your pet's preference or any allergy issues, and we will keep extra stock on the side from the food they eat so whenever you order, we have it for you even if supplier is out of stock.


VIP Gold Benefits:

In addition to all Silver Benefits above, you are also entitled to a 10% Discount on orders regardless of method of payment or amount, if you pay by card the 10% of the amount will be processed as a refund to you credit card after 14 days from the date of purchase, and if you will pay cash the discount will be given upon delivering your order.

Important Note: you can either get the 10% discount credit back to your account or pick an item from our Free/ Cat Orders or Free/ Dog Orders. Both cannot be used at the same time.

Please note some brands are not included in any discount such as Thrive and Nature's Variety