Owner and founder of Happy Dolphin online pet shop established in 2017, born in Dubai, her family relocated back to Lebanon in 1984, Joumana spent her childhood between school and her father’s farm, her best friends were Mars and Princess the 2 Siamese cats and Range the saluki dog. In 2000 was invited to visit her aunty in Dubai and since then Dubai became her second home. Worked for 5 years as a Legal Secretary with international law firms, joined Emaar Properties in the position of Paralegal Assistant & worked there with the Company Secretary & Legal Department for 7 years. In 2014 she joined Dubai Tourism, a Government of Dubai to handle the Director General’s office as Office Manager and was handling the day to day office work on her own until end of 2018. To be able to manage the SME business that she was running with her husband, she continued to work with Dubai Tourism part time until April 2021. With the recent expansion of the business and opening a retail shop in February 2021, Joumana realised that it is time to leave Dubai Tourism as she was no longer able to do the admin office work, and decided to focus on business and add the pet sitting service to the license, all as planned couple of years ago.

Raised with animals since she was 3 years old, Joumana is a parent to 10 cats and one bunny, well known in the community as a crazy cat lady who contributed either financially or through donation of food and pet products to different rescue groups in UAE. 

Joumana has a full understanding of the different temperaments of kittens and cats with high level of the experience needed to ensure the safety, health and well-being of your cat(s). With her exceptional knowledge in cats, their behavior, their needs and her quick judgment if the cat is not looking well, she can take care of any cat and has the patience to look even after the unfriendly felines too.