Managing Director and founder of Happy Dolphin online pet shop established in 2017, with Turkish origins, Majdi was raised in Aleppo, and graduated in Tourism and Hospitality Management, worked with 5 stars international hotel chains before relocating to Dubai to pursue a new challenge in the same field. In 2016 he got the first license of Happy Dolphin with the intention to sell pet products to vets and pet shops, but in 2017 decided to open an online pet shop and sell directly to clients. With his efforts and back-to-back work since the shop opened, Majdi is a key founder and an important part of the business.

He always loved animals, fed the street cats back home since he was a little child, and we must admit he is not only a Cat Daddy right now, he is a Cat Magnet.. literally, cats just adore him!! With enough knowledge about cats, their daily routine and needs, you can ensure that your cats are in good hands when he is looking after them. 

Majdi dreams of retiring one day in Sariyar, Turkey, the town his grandfather told him stories about, of course, a home with lot of cats and a dog or two!