Niveen is an A student, graduated in Banking & Finance with honor, worked for almost 4 years back in her home country Jordan till she got married and moved to Saudi Arabia with her husband. In 2005 they relocated to Dubai, soon after in 2007 her husband ,a cat lover & who was raised around cats for his entire life convinced her to bring in their first kitten together, Petra.

The first few months were little challenging to Niveen since she lacked experience in how to deal with cats, not too long after, she fell in love with their furrbaby and a new path in Niveen's life just kicked off. Niveen is now a cat mom to 4 cats, unfortunately in early 2021 she said goodbye to Petra at the age of 14 which was a very painful period for the small family.

Niveen is an active member in her community where she contributes along with other volunteers towards feeding the stray cats around. Coincidentally, during one of her feeding trips, God substituted her loss of Petra when she heard a tiny kitten crying between the bushes & decided to rescue him with the intention of finding him a forever home... guess what? Panda became a foster fail. 

Being a housewife, Niveen is always around cats - if not - cats are around her in her kitchen where she enjoys cooking her favorite dishes and trying new recipes. She is an excellent cook and an exceptional baker too!!

Niveen is a very calm person, patient, reliable and trustworthy. She believes that our pets are a part of our families and will treat your “babies” like they were her own, not only because she is a cat lover, but because it’s how she wants her "babies" treated while she is away.