Despite the fact that there are some really caring cattery owners and some have recently increased the boarding space dedicated to each cat, there is one thing that is 100% certain,  no matter how fancy the cattery is, most cats don't like catteries. While most dogs enjoy their boarding time away from home and all the activities they  do with other dogs, cats feel completely the opposite!

Cats are territorial animals, they have been genetically predisposed to be solitary animals and to reign over a large territory unlike dogs which are basically “pack” animals, cats spend a great deal of time alone.

What does a cat’s territory mean to a cat?

In one word territory is "Everything" so when cats are taken away from their familiar home environment (their territory), they will become stressed, unhappy and sometimes will stop eating. Simply, they are unable to adjust to their new surroundings. No matter how nice and spacious the cattery is, there is one fact, cats do not want to be taken anywhere at all away from their home.

Some cat parents mistakenly choose a cattery thinking they are doing the best for their cat(s), well we were there once, only once to realise that catteries are stressful and we won't be using one again no matter what, at the end of the day, cat owners can choose to educate themselves with regard to what a cat’s needs really are, and to recognise that a cat’s best interests are served when the cat stays at home.  It’s not just ourselves saying this - it’s simply common sense and the result of thousands of years of evolution.

Benefits of using a Cat Sitter Service for your feline(s):

  • Stay at home in their safe and secure environment.
  • Surrounded by familiar sounds, smells and sights.
  • Regular diet and exercise routine.
  • No stress from transportation.
  • No exposure to kennel/cattery diseases and other animals.
  • No stress of being in close proximity to strange animals. 
  • Will love having playtime and attention from the pet sitter.
  • Medical treatment will be maintained, if required.
  • Having someone responsible on hand in case of an emergency.